Audi car key programming

AV Auto Locks can supply and program replacement Audi car keys and remote fobs on virtually All CARS ACROSS THE AUDI RANGE. Regardless of whether you have lost all keys, broken your key or remote fob or simply require a spare key or remote we will complete all work on site avoiding the need and inconvenience of having to go to the dealer.

All car manufacturers including the VAG group (Volkswagon, Audi, Seat and Skoda) are continually developing technology to improve their vehicles’ security and cut down on car theft. AV Auto locksmiths continually invest in new technology and computer software. This ensures our locksmiths keep up with car manufacturers in terms of being able to provide a mobile car locksmith service that can solve car key and immobiliser problems for even the latest models of vehicles.

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  • Replacement Audi key or remote fob required
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  • Broken Audi keys
  • Spare Audi keys
  • Audi immobiliser key faults

Audi car keys and immobiliser problems

Since 1995 all Audi keys have had transponder “chips” embedded in the head of the key to enhance the cars security, ensuring it is impossible to start the car without the correct key also making it harder for potential thieves to steal vehicles. AV Auto Locksmiths can cut and program new genuine Audi car keys and remotes on site saving you both time and money.

The majority of earlier Audi models are fitted with a separate immobiliser box that communicates with the car’s electrical control unit (ECU). The later models tend to use an immobiliser system that is combined with the ECU and dashboard clocks.

Regardless of which system your Audi operates on, every car key has a transponder chip with a unique security code (immobilise code) that is required to program keys to the vehicle. Audi stopped providing this information a number of years ago to both owners and locksmiths but AV Auto Locksmiths can provide you with this information upon programming keys.

Audi dealerships do not stock replacement keys they have to order them from Germany it therefore takes around 7-10 working days to receive replacement keys, this can be both costly and time consuming especially if you have lost all keys to your vehicle and it is off the road. Even when the keys do arrive they still require programming involving a visit to the dealership which is not easy when your Audi is locked and all keys lost.

Audi replacement car key service

AV Auto Locksmiths can replace lost Audi car keys or supply you with a spare key. If one key has gone missing or you are unsure if someone else may have a copy then we can deactivate this key from the vehicles’ memory, ensuring your car stays secure.

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